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About me

My name is Vera den Engelsman, I am 21 years old and study at the Academy for Communication & User Experience in Breda where I study Communication & Multimedia Design. The education is about practising communication, interaction, design and technique. In the 3rd year I’ve chosen the interaction & information branch as my specialization. That’s where I learned to design from a users perspective to make the best user experience. At the moment I’m doing my internship at Concapps B.V. where I learn a lot about working in a business and designing mobile applications & websites.

I am a motivated student who is eager to learn. In my spare time I like to do photography, work on my blog and create collages.

Hopefully next year I will study abroad to learn more about graphic design for websites and mobile applications.


I always begin a project with research. In the beginning there are so many new things to explore. Through research we discover new information what brings us new insights, what makes our concept so much stronger.

Brainstorming & Conceptualize

I love to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. Making prototypes and doing user tests show if what you had in mind is working. To see users enjoying your idea is one of the best things.


Since I was a kid I already loved to design. The design is the first thing people see and it determines whether people are interested or not. Design can determine someone's whole image of the product.

Team working

I can work independently but I prefer to work in a team. A team motivates, inspires and helps each other. At CMD and at my internship I learned to work for a client, and how important it is to involve the user in the design process.


To give you an impression of my design process and my work, here are a few projects I worked on during my study and internship.

Cocktails & Suitcases
A taste of the world
Cocktails & Suitcases is a blog about my addictions: traveling photographing, designing and good food.
On this blog I post all my favorite hotspots and things I love.


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